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Tel Aviv, Israel
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Yacht for rent in Tel-Aviv 
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    Questions and Answers

    Questions to ask before renting a yacht
    Is there a shaded place aboard the yacht
    For us, yes for everyone and others not always.

    ?Is the yacht new
    For us, yes to 7 years and others usually do not

    ?Is it possible to enter the water
    With us, yes, if weather allows and others do not

    ?Are there tubes? Inflatable
    For us, yes and others are not always

    ?How long have we been in the sea
    With us, all the time and others 

    ?What is the maximum amount for a yacht, is it crowded
    At our place, the Catamaran and our sea are very spacious, the Rosea up to 8 sailors are very spacious and others very crowded

    ?Is there insurance
    With us, yes and others will check

    ?Is there insurance for the obsolete
    With us, yes and others 

    ?What is the company’s seniority
    With us, 20 years and others 

    ?What does the cruise include
    At our place, all cruises include: balloons, good luck sign, music, drop to oboe.

    ?What is the cancellation cancellation policy
    The cost of handling fees is 200 NIS. You can cancel or postpone the cruise until one week before the cruise.

    ?Where are they going
    We leave Tel Aviv Marina, sail along the beach, you can stop in a calm place to drop water to the tubs. On the day of the cruise, you can ask, consult with the skipper and decide together what the route will be.

    ?What is a fishing boat?
    For fishing from a yacht, you do not need experience. We will guide you. The cruise includes all fishing equipment and bait. If you catch fish, they are yours. The cost of the addition of a fishing boat is NIS 50. For the equipment, we have fishing equipment for 5 fishermen.

    ?How does a marriage proposal take place at sea
    We go out to sea on a yacht and background music. After leaving for the sea, we will take down a sign that reads: “Live up to me, love you”, the music will be appropriate. Skipper filmed the event in video and pictures.

    ?Are there services on the yacht
    All our yachts have services.

    ?Is there an oboe on the yacht
    All of our yachts have a water drop for activity, just ask …

    Is there a luxury yach?t
    We have a luxury yacht, special occasions, a magnificent catamaran yacht with up to 14 sailors, a sea exit for business meetings, fun days for managers, meals on the yacht and more.

    ?What dress are they coming for
    Sportswear suitable for the sea, sports shoes (at the entrance to the yacht, shoes and shoes).

    ?Can we stop at sea
    The yacht is better to be on the move, but the skipper on the yacht will do whatever you want and sail wherever you want.

    ?Is there AUX cable for music
    All our yachts have an audio system for music, dancing. There is a cable in each yacht. You can connect to our system with USB and any mobile phone. It also has Bluetooth.

    where are we?
    We are at the Tel Aviv Marina behind Gordon Pool (not in the Tel Aviv Port). The entrance to the marina is north of the Gordon Pool, the path leading down to the sea from the Cafe “Banatayim”.

    ?Is it possible to enter the marina with a vehicle
    It is impossible to enter the marina with a car, nor to take down food and drink. You can park in the car park and come to the marina to take a cart, carry the equipment. A key to the cart can be obtained from the guard at the entrance to the marina against an ID.

    ?Is it permissible to bring food and drink to a yacht
    You can bring food and drink to the yacht or anything else that will make you fun. On the yacht, eat less than on land and therefore do not have to bring much.

    ?Is it permissible to bring alcohol
    Under the age of 18, can not bring alcohol to the yacht, over the age of 18, can and should bring drinks. Please be careful not to get drunk. If the sailors are dangerous and drunk to themselves and to the crew, the skipper returns immediately to the marina.

    ?How long before the cruise to arrive
    Our yachts are located at the Tel Aviv Marina. If there are parking problems in the area, we offer to arrive early and find parking. If you have to sit down and have a cup of coffee before sailing in one of the restaurants in the area, if you are late for the cruise, you do so on your cruise. You can not add time or reject the cruise. We offer to be fifteen minutes before the marina cruise.

    ?How do I place an order
    If you decide to book a cruise on one of our yachts, we request credit details for security. Credit can be paid up to 5 payments or cash in a yacht prior to departure to sea.

    ?Do you decorate
    At your request, we will decorate the yacht with balloons and a sign of good luck. We put a few balloons because they pollute the sea and cause the turtles to die.

    ?What’s the difference between a sailboat and a catamaran

    Our sailboat has 11 sailors.

    Our catamaran up to 14 sailors.

    ?How long before the cruise should I order
    It is advisable to book the yacht as early as possible so that you can get the day and time you want, and it will not be taken.

    ?Is it possible to barbecue on yachts
    You can make a barbecue on the yachts with a reservation of 3 hours from Sunday to Thursday.

    ?Is the yacht new
    All of our yachts are of a high standard, new and maintained. We prepare them for your voyage as if this were our first voyage.

    Danit Yacht Rentals 

    Tel Aviv, Israel
     Yachts for rent in Tel-Aviv 
      party on a yacht in Tel-Aviv 
     Romantic sailing in Tel-Aviv 
     Yacht charters birthday in Tel-Aviv
    Yacht for rent in Tel-Aviv 
     Danit Yachts rental Tel-Aviv 


    danit yachts charters watsapp

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