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    Women only

    Danit owner of “Danit Yacht Rental” wants to promote women at sea, to challenge women to sail, we offer amazing cruises only for women,
    Cruise is not related to age and is not related to physical abilities, you can join from age 16 to age 70.

    It’s never too late to start, we have 3 rules the owner will follow

    Scorpio women.
    You can not raise your voice on the yacht.
    Relaxing and pleasant cruises.
    We think that sailing should be fun.

    Women who want to please themselves, take a short trip off the coast of Tel Aviv, or longer in Greece, to come with a group of friends for a different event or to experience a different kind of challenge, breathe the sea, lift sails, laugh and enjoy.

    In my yachts – 3 double cabins, shower and toilet, kitchen and living room, sound system, tubing tubing and soap.
    Also suitable for birthday gift voucher, amazing bachelorette party, company birthday, barbeque on the beach, dance party on yacht.

    חברה לקידום דיגיטלי חברה לקידום דיגיטלי