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    Sea Tour yacht TLV Israel

    Sea Tour yacht TLV Israel

    Danit Yacht Rental – guided tour from the sea

    Sailing along the shores of Tel Aviv, from Jaffa, the world’s oldest harbor to Reading, includes an explanation of the past of the world’s most amazing city.

    You are about to discover an observation point on Tel Aviv with Danish yacht rentals that few get to know. At one glance we can review 4,000 years of history! The name “Tel Aviv” itself is a hint: it is a charming literary translation for the name of Theodor Herzl “Alte Neuland”, a new old country. Tel is an archeological concept that describes a very ancient place and spring symbolizes renewal. By the way, when Tel Aviv was established, they offered to call it Herzliya, so lucky … So welcome to Tel Aviv’s beach – city and sea without a break!

    Tel Aviv is not the capital of Israel, even though most of the countries of the world do so and have their representative offices there, but it is definitely the largest and most vibrant city in the country! Greater Tel Aviv has about 1.3 million people and covers 176 square kilometers – much more than Paris, for example, with only 105 square kilometers!

    The coastline of the metropolis stretches from Rishon Letzion in the south to Tel Baruch in the north (to point out the places): about 25 kilometers, most of which is spread over a wide and well-tended promenade.

    The history of Tel Aviv began in Jaffa (to vote) about 4000 years ago. It is the oldest port in the world active to this day.

    Let’s review what we see from south to north:

    The most prominent tower is the bell tower of St. Peter’s Church, one of the founders of Christianity who lived in Jaffa 2,000 years ago.


    We can also see two mosques: the sea mosque with the green dome inside the port and a little to the east. By the way, seamen use these two mosques to enter the harbor, it helps them not to shatter on Andromeda rocks at the entrance to the port.

    The rocks that form a natural spring must be named after the mythical Andromeda, who according to the legend was associated with them as a victim of the sea monsters.

    On the coastline right next to the sea mosque, there is the Armenian monastery where the soldiers of Napoleon Bonaparte housed the sick and injured while occupying the city. There is a famous picture of him displayed at the Louvre Museum right at this place.

    We will go north and see the special structure of the Etzel Museum, with the remains of Manshiyeh, the first neighborhood of Jaffa that was built outside the city walls in the 18th century to absorb the great migration of Muslims and Jews that the city experienced during those years.

    Further north, behind the InterContinental Hotel, we see Neve Tzedek, the first Jewish neighborhood.

    The first neighborhood of Tel Aviv, called “Ahuzat Bayit” (“Ahuzat Bayit”), was located under the Shalom Tower, a little southward. It was an initiative of Jewish residents of Jaffa and Neveh Tzedek who wanted to establish a model Jewish city according to a European model. The project was launched in 1909 and immediately the Herzliya Gymnasium was built. It was an impressive building with a special architecture. The mere fact that the first building of the city that was established was a school showing the character that the founders wanted to give to their city.

    The declaration of the state was also made in this area, in the first Knesset building on the streets of Rothschild.

    – A little south of the Opera Tower, between the Yona Hanavi Street and Geula Street was the Savoy Hotel. In 1975, Fatah terrorists who arrived in a rubber boat from the sea broke into the hotel and murdered 8 Israelis.

    – The colorful Dan Hotel was painted and designed by the painter and sculptor Agam.

    The colors that change according to the angle give a kinetic effect .. The colors of the hotel are very reminiscent of the colors of the statue that was placed up to no time in Dizengoff Square.

    – In front of the hotel, 70 years ago, was the illegal immigrant ship Altalena, which was the culmination of the battle between Menachem Begin’s Etzel organization and the newly born army. , About 20 fighters were killed – all of them Jews.

    – Above the marina, south of the Carlton Hotel, stands Atarim Square, the country’s largest white elephant, an architectural failure of the city’s ruins. It was built on the ruins of the Mahlul neighborhood, a tin shantytown that absorbed the refugees of Jaffa during the riots of 1921.

    Below Atarim Square Marina Tel Aviv, from where we went on a tour and our cruise and there we are at your service “Danish Yacht Rental”.

    – On the hill south of the Hilton hotel, you can see the remains of a Muslim cemetery that was settled in agreement in 1963. Right next to the cemetery, Haim Arlosoroff, one of the leaders of the Yishuv, was murdered in 1933. To this day, the identity of the murderers is unknown … but this is undoubtedly political murder.

    Reading, the first power plant of the State of Israel, was established in 1937. In addition to the production of electricity, the station also operated illegal arms production workshops for the Haganah. The station was the target of an attack during World War II by the Italian Air Force, and during the War of Independence by the Egyptian Air Force, but did not cause significant damage during these attacks.

    Tel Aviv-Jaffa is defined as a global city. The city is one of the most visited cities in Israel, with more than a million foreign tourists a year … It has hundreds of international bars, cafes and restaurants, shopping centers, shops, parks and entertainment venues … Tel Aviv today is a symbol of freedom of worship and opinions: The world is gay, but there are quite a few ultra-Orthodox Jews living here.

    The openings and awareness of the sea are not as we would like to be: there are 4 anchors but only 2 activities: Tel Aviv and Jaffa, with a very limited number of places.

    So now, when you look out on the beach from Old Jaffa in the south to the skyscrapers in the north, you understand more how much the founders of the city were right when they called it “Tel Aviv, a new old city.”

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    “Danit yacht charter – an unforgettable sailing experience”

    “Danit Yacht Chrters – Yachts for rent in the Tel Aviv “

    “Danit yacht charter – sailing for a birthday, business event or just fun”
    “Danit yacht charter – luxurious yachts with professional service”

    danit yachts charters watsapp

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